Be YOUrself (by Kyla P.)

Please re-hype… The previous one I posted was flagged, because my knees weren’t shown in the picture.. First time to be flagged! :( More photos at my blog. Please do visit:

Be Yourself (by Kyla P.)

I am now browsing through my photos and I will start uploading outfit posts taken way back last year. Haha! Yes, HELLO BACKLOGS! :) More photos to be posted on my blog. Please do visit:

Something different (by Kyla P.)

As you may have seen through my looks, I am more of a girly type of girl. I tend to dress more sweet and dainty. But I am now trying on some different styles. I may need a lot more push in order to rock a more edgy look. So, we’ll see. Blog post to follow. So I would appreciate it if you visit my blog: Thank you!

What are stumbling blocks and defeat before you, can be stepping stones to victory if you remain determined. 😊

Pink and Peplum (by Kyla Yanessa P.)

I will be posting a couple more photos on my blog later today.. :) kylayanessa,